Secure your server with ALPH4's top level moderation features

Main Commands




Sets a log channel in your server

!ban <tagUser>

Bans a user from your server

!unban <userID>

Unbans a user from your server

!kick <tagUser>

Kicks a user from your server

!mute <tagUser> <time>

Mutes the user in your server for a set amount of time

!clear <amount> | <tagUser> <amount>

Clears messages in a channel

Auto Moderation




Sets up Auto Moderation


Check the status of Auto-Moderation


Disables all of auto-moderation

Auto Moderation consists of:

  • Sending links of any sort

  • Swearing

  • Mass tagging

  • Emoji spam

  • Duplicate text

  • Mass Capitals

Warning System




Warns a user in your server

!warns <tagUser>

Checks the warnings for a specified user


Clears the specified warns from the selected user

The warning message will be sent to the user in DMs

Role Management




Adds a role to the specified user


Removes a role from the specified user

These commands use awaited messages meaning every message you type after running the command will input in the bot.

Other Commands



!audit <amount>

Displays the last X amount of audit logs

!slowmode <time>

Sets a channel slowmode


Locks a channel preventing users from sending messages there


Unlocks a channel allowing users to send messages again


Locks down the entire server


Deletes a channel then recreates it with the same perms/name

!report <tagUser> <reason>

Reports the specified user to the bot owners


Blocks a channel from bot commands


Blocks a category from bot commands

When using the commands you do not need to use <>