Take part in the ALPH4 economy system and earn and compete with others across the world

Main Commands


/economy leaderboard

Displays the global leaderboard

/economy transfer <user> <amount>

Transfer coins to your friends

/economy shop

Views the economy show

Earn Coins


/economy work

Work every 2 hours and earn coins

/economy collect

Collect every hour and earn

/economy roll

Roll a die every 5 seconds

/economy crime

Take a risk and commit a crime

/economy gamble <amount>

Take your chances and gamble

/economy rob <user>

Rob someone's bank

/economy daily

Earn every day

/economy weekly

Earn every week

/economy monthly

Earn every month

/economy beg

Beg someone for money

Manage Your Balance


/economy balance

View your current balance

/economy withdraw <amount>

Withdraw a specified amount from your bank

/economy deposit <amount>

Deposit a specified amount

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